Easy Model Railroad Inventory

Easy Model Railroad Inventory 8.5

Manage and organize railroad model inventory
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Create an inventory database for model railroad items and components. Work with rolling stock, locomotives and cars, infrastructural components related blocks, electronic equipment, etc. Manage entries in the generated database, view, query, update them, etc.

Easy Model Railroad Inventory is designed to inventory all of your model railroad rolling stock, locomotives and cars, the structures, electronic equipment, book collection. Once the information has been entered there are many ways to view, query, report, and graph what you own.
- Multiple scales maintained in the same database,
- Inventory tracking,
- View inventory graphically with pie charts,
- Multiple reporting options,
- Automated NMRA insurance forms,
- Photographs may optionally be displayed,
- Report Designer,
- Query Designer,
- Spreadsheet Designer,
- Cross Reference Designer,
- Catalog all of your valuable books

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